FYI: Street Light Repair

The association had a light down behind the guard house blocking the exit of the main entrance. FPL Emergency was called Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 8:15 AM and they stated they would be out ASAP to repair the issue.

Your 2018 Board of Directors

The Annual Meeting scheduled for January 17, 2018 did not happen due to the fact that the association was unable to attain a quorum. Florida Statute  and Verona Documents require 30% of the members of the association to be present at the meeting either in person or by proxy. The association was 10 short of reaching that number. Since there was no quorum the association was unable to have an election so the current board of 2017 rolled over.

Patricia McGonigal, the 2017 Vice-President, resigned leaving a vacancy on the Board. Euclide Renaud, Verona’s President, made a motion to appoint Gloria Odlum, who expressed a desire to serve on the Verona BOD. Lynn Batchelor seconded the motion and the Verona BOD voted unanimously to appoint Gloria Odlum to the Verona BOD.

The Verona BOD had a organizational meeting to select officers for the year 2018 and the results was as follows:

Euclide Renaud                President

Lynn Batchelor                 Vice-President

Gloria Odlum                    Secretary-Treasurer

Julie Raia                           Director

Mike Tobin                        Director

Pool Closure Information

The Verona pool will be closed beginning Monday January 29 for 10 to 14 days. In order to make the pool safe, we will have to drain it completely and repair several leaks along with re-grouting. We then have to refill the pool, bring the temperatures up, and regulate the chemicals. We apologize for any inconvenience especially for our visitors from up north however our pool is 30 years old and requires continued maintenance. It is required at this time due to the liability of injury at the pool.

Click here to view supporting data for the pool closure.