Hurricane Notice

Based on the latest weather report, Hurricane Dorian will be impacting Florida late this weekend and/or Monday. We would ask that all owners and tenants make arrangements to protect their property (patios and courtyards) including removing any loose items such as potted plants, exterior patio furniture, BBQ grills, trash containers from the exterior of your home/patios/courtyards to prevent flying objects.


Do not put out any bulk trash!

Note: do not use your grill inside your home/unit under any circumstances!

Thank you,



For more information regarding your personal preparedness, there are several websites available, such as the one Publix has ( After going to their web-site, go to the search bar, type in hurricane, then press on the search icon, then press on the “pages” tab, then press on public store status, and finally click on “prepare for the when”. Also, most cities have information available on their websites.